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Bluetooth Info

Which is the right Bluetooth unit for me?.

All of the models, both Bluetooth3.0 and Bluetooth4.1, will pair with a smartphone so you can listen to music and take/make phone calls.  

Note: Only the Bluetooth4.1 models can be used with the smartphone app and remote control devices.

Pretty much all of the models can do 4-way Intercom (you and 3 other riders), except the 3S and the SMH5’s (they only do 1-on-1 intercom) and the 20S can do 8-Way intercom (you and 7 others, but all 8 devices need to be 20S or SRL model).

Information to communicate to customers:  

  • Bluetooth Intercom works in a daisy chain type format.  Please keep in mind the bluetooth daisy chain requires the group of riders to remain within range from head to tail of the group.  Bluetooth signal cannot travel through buildings, hills, trees, people. 
  • If the 3 mates have different devices, the intercom range of the group is limited to the weakest range in the group AND also limited to the number of intercom connections possible.

Example:  A group of 4 bluetooth:   30K (4-way 1.6km) + 20S (8-way 2km) + 10R (4-way 900m) + 10S (4-way 1.6km).

  • With this example group above, the distance from the first rider to last rider can be no greater than 900m which is the lowest range in the group.  
  • For the 20S (which does 8-way) the number of intercom partners will reduce from 7 mates to 3 mates.

We suggest choosing one of the new Bluetooth4.1 models, for their newer technology, over the Bluetooth3.0.

The Bluetooth 3.0 models

All can pair with mobile phone for music and phone calls. all can pair with a separate GPS or use your phone's GPS.  All can pair with 1 non-Sena headset. All can do music sharing (except 3S). Only the SMH5-FM has FM Radio.  From here the main difference is the intercom range.

  • 3S - intercom range of 200m - 2-way intercom (being discontinued)
  • SMH5 - range up to 400m - Can pair as 4 but is 1-to-1 intercom
  • SMH5-FM - range up to 700m - Can pair as 4 but is 1-to-1 intercom
  • SMH10 - range up to 900m - 4-Way intercom
  • SMH10R - range up to 900m - 4-Way intercom


The Bluetooth 4.1 models

All can pair with mobile phone for music, phone calls, all have FM Radio and all can pair with a separate GPS or use your phone's GPS.  All can pair with 1 non-Sena headset. All can do music sharing 1-on-1. 

Only BT4 models are compatible with the Sena Utility App (free to download from the App Store / Google Play) and the Remote controls (can explain remotes if interested).  The App lets you set your device preferences easily and will indicate if you need to connect to the Sena Device Manager on a computer for a firmware update.

  • 30K - range up to 1.6km - 4-way intercom.  16-Way Mesh Intercom.  Released in Nov17 has both mesh network intercom and bluetooth intercom.
  • 20S - range up to 2km - 8-way intercom and Voice Commands
  • 10S - range up to 1.6km - 4-way intercom
  • 10R - range up to 900m - 4-way intercom 
  • 10C - range up to 1.6km - 4-way intercom. Has in-built Camera.
  • 10U - range up to 1.6km - 4-way intercom. The 10U models are custom designed to be integrated within a particular helmet (they are less visible or not at all visible on the outside of the helmet). They fit a Shoei GT Air, Shoei Neotec or Shoei J-Cruze, Arai.  
  • SF1 is perfect for the Solo Rider (no intercoms + no FM Radio) 
  • SF2 is great for Rider + Pillion, 1-on-1 Intercom 800m and FM Radio
  • SF4 - range up to 1.2km - 4-Way intercom and FM Radio. 


Narrowing it down

- If you don't have one of the 10U suitable helmets then you can eliminate the 10U.  Controls - Remote Control.

- If you don't need an in-built camera, then you can eliminate the 10C.    Controls are Jog Dial+Phone button

- The 30K:  A popular model, released Nov.17.  Has both Mesh Intercom and Bluetooth Intercom, voice commands, etc.  If you don't need Mesh Intercom or other features you could save some $$ and go for a 10S or 10R. Controls are Jog Dial+Phone button

- The 20S:  Is the other most popular model, some of its features are 2km intercom range, 8-way intercom, voice commands and many others, etc. If you don't need all its feature you could save some $$ and go for a 10S or 10R. Controls are Jog Dial+Phone button

- 10S has intercom range of 1.6km.  Controls are Jog Dial+Phone button

- 10R has intercom range of 900m.  This is a slim low profile model that sticks to helmet instead of the usual clamp installation. (Not to be confused w SMH10R which is the earlier BT3 version).  Controls are 3 buttons

- SF Series - These 3 models released Jul.18.  All SF models have 3button controls, quick install clamp and pair to phone for calls and music.  Controls are 3 buttons

Other general info that might help

The 20S (original) has been superseded by the 20S-EVO.The only difference between the original and the EVO is Flip Up style antenna has been changed to a Shark Fin style antenna.

The SR10 and SM10, which is great as they are part of the adventure sport industry .  There are a couple of Bt3.0 models you may want to be aware of we,order them in as needed.  They are the SPH10 and EXPAND (intercom range 900m).  These are worn around the back of the neck, for those who may be in a support vehicle and not wearing a helmet.  I’d recommend SPH10 over the Expand as it comes with 2 microphone options and an AUX port.

We also suggest the 10R and the SF Series

The 10R in the Single and Dual pack (10R-01 and 10R-01D) for those riders who prefer a more low profile/slim device on their helmets.  Also be good for riders whose riding posture (can be dependant on the style of bike or body) has their shoulders right up near their head making contact with the jog dial of the other models.  

The new SF Series, which offer some thing a little different to the other models.  SF is for Simple Functionality.  They are very well priced for riders that are not looking for all the bells and whistles.  Have a quick install clamp that slides up onto the helmet.  Compatible with smartphone app (to change settings on the fly) and also Remote Controls if you want.

SC-A0315 - This is a complete Helmet Clamp Kit for the 20S & 30K models.  Customers use it to kit out a second helmet so they can get their 20S/30K module and swap it from helmet to helmet.

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