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Audio Hire, Rental and Sales:

We are the audio hire specialists. At Wwave we have a list of audio products that will help you at your next event, party or product launch. We've been in the audio business for over 25 years and we continue to provide quality audio solutions for school productions, corporate launches and major community events. In addition to the audio hire, we provide many other audio-visual services. Wwave has Audio Systems and packages to suit all your requirements. Whether it’s a corporate presentation for 50 or 5000 or a pumping disco or band, Wwaves range of packages accessories ensures your message will be heard loudly and clearly with quality audio equipment.

Widely used Audio equipment:

  1. AKG D112 - Hire

    AKG D112 - Hire

    Kick Drum Microphone this is good  Learn More

  2. Allen & Heath Wix Wizard - Hire

    Allen & Heath Wix Wizard - Hire

    Desk / Rack mount all-purpose console
    The WZ3:14:4:2 is a remarkably dynamic compact mixer, with multifunctionality that allows it to be used for FOH, monitors, and live or studio recording. MixWizard compact mixers have carved out a unique place in the pro audio pantheon of professional multipurpose consoles. For years, and in every year, Allen & Heath has supplied thousands of MixWizards for hundreds of different applications, all of which have four requirements in common - great sound, high quality, ease of use and lots of really useful features.

    Learn More

  3. ARX DI - Hire

    ARX DI - Hire

    DI Plus 2 RC is powered with an internal long life NiMH rechargeable battery that can be charged off either phantom power applied to either of the output XLR sockets or via the 12V DC input, removing battery throw away" as an environmental issue.""The new DI Plus2 RC features low noise high impedance input buffers with switchable 20db Pad, and low distortion high current output stages able to drive long cable runs." " Learn More

  4. Audio Technica AE2500 - Hire

    Audio Technica AE2500 - Hire

    Dual-element Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone Learn More

  5. Audio Technica ATM25 - Hire

  6. Audio Technica ATM250DE - Hire

    Audio Technica ATM250DE - Hire

    The Artist Series new kick-drum mic, the ATM250DE dual-element instrument microphone features cardioid condenser and hypercardioid dynamic capsules combined in a single housing. Audio-Technica's innovative use of 2 polar patterns is ideal for kick drum. Learn More

  7. Audio Technica ATM350  - Hire

    Audio Technica ATM350 - Hire

    Clip on Mic Condenser Mic Learn More

  8. Beyerdynamic OPUS 99 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS 99 - Hire

    Kick Drum Mic - Hypercardioid, Dynamic Learn More

  9. Beyerdynamic OPUS DRUM kit XXL - Hire

  10. Beyerdynamic OPUS53 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS53 - Hire

    Cardioid Condenser for Instrument Applications. The microphone is well suited for capturing amplifier cabinets, drums, percussion, brass and wind instruments in live sound and recording applications. The microphone's slim profile is easily positioned over and underneath drum heads while the wide frequency response give the Opus 53 its versatility; making it a multitasker in the studio or on stage. Learn More

  11. Beyerdynamic OPUS59 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS59 - Hire

    Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Switch Learn More

  12. Beyerdynamic OPUS81- Hire

  13. Beyerdynamic OPUS87 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS87 - Hire

    Gooseneck Condenser Mic for Drum Learn More

  14. Beyerdynamic OPUS87 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS87 - Hire

    Gooseneck Condenser Mic for Drums Learn More

  15. Beyerdynamic OPUS88 - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUS88 - Hire

    Gooseneck Condenser Mic for Drums Learn More

  16. Beyerdynamic OPUSDRUM L - Hire

    Beyerdynamic OPUSDRUM L - Hire

    Drum Microphone Kit (Large) Learn More

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