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Theatrical Lighting Hire, Rental and Sales:

Theatrical lights are typically lighting that needs somewhat more finesse and style than your typical disco effect or flood light. Theatrical stage lighting is normally fixtures like profile spots, fresnel flood lamps, cyclorama lighting fixtures, DMX moving lights, multi pars, and par cans. They are generally operated via a lighting desk that works with dimmer racks or a small single unit dimmer. Other kinds of stage effects are LED curtains and draping, smoke machines, diffusion foggers, and low fog or dry ice machines.

Illumination is probably the most significant visible components of the live theatre stage show. Great lighting effects could possibly be the distinction with the audience having a wonderful evening to simply a night out. Lighting style design and layout may differ within professional, amateur theater, and band stage lighting, The craft of lighting a production like live theatre, dance, and opera, along with performing arts can only be achieved nicely with experience and top-quality individuals who focus on lighting typically called lighting techs. In combination with standard lighting, contemporary stage lighting may also incorporate special effects, for example laser devices, fog machines, and smoke machines.

Widely used stage equipment and light fittings:

  1. Profile lights

    Profile lights (profile spot lighting)

    A profile spot comes with a variable zoom lens tube made up of the zoom lens or lens train. Adjusting the tube by moving it further in or out from the unit enables adjustments of the focus of the beam of light projected from it (soft or sharp edges). There are slots on the body of the light fitting for the insertion of metallic shutters and/or gobos to modify the pattern of the light. These slots may also hold a glass gobo, a dichroic colour filter, or even an effect device such as a gobo rotator or iris  Learn More

  2. Fresnel

    Fresnels Flood lights

    Fresnels possess a lens that uniformly spreads light without any dark areas or shadows. A set of 4 folding doors known as 'barn doors' are an attachment designed to fit on the front side of the Fresnel lantern. Learn More

  3. Follow Spot

    Follow Spot

    A follow spot, occasionally referred to as a spot light, is usually a strong stage light which projects a bright beam with soft or sharp edges of light upon a performance area which is manipulated with a dimmer as well as an iris to alter the beam angle. Follow spots are operated with a spotlight operator to follow actors across the stage. Learn More

  4. Cyclorama Light

    Cyclorama Light

    Cyclorama lights are also known as cyc lights or strip lights. They're commonly comprised of rows of lamps and utilized to create various lighting effects and colours up walls, backdrops, or cycloramas. Learn More

  5. Par Cans

    Par Cans

    A parabolic aluminised reflector lamp, more commonly known as PAR can, PAR light, or just PAR, is a term electric lamp commonly used in live theatre, concerts, movie productions, and band lighting when a large amount of smooth illumination is needed for a scene. PAR cans are exchanged in certain applications by LED PAR cans, designed to use much less electrical power and provide lots of different saturated colors without using color filters or gels, when white-colored illumination isn't required e.g. band light and dance floor lighting. Learn More

  6. Multi Pars

    Multi Pars

    Similar to a PAR can, but has lens which can be changed. They come in 4 glass lens, WFL, MFL, NSP, VNSP. Multi pars feature a high-quality, aluminised reflector, typically a 575 watt bulb, and optional barn doors. Therefore they are a beneficial in-between option for a Par Can and Fresnel. Learn More

  7. Inteligent Moving Lights

    Moving lighting fixtures or intelligent lights

    Moving lights or Intelligent lights describes light fittings which have automated or mechanical abilities superior to that of conventional, fixed lighting effects. Even though sophisticated intelligent lamps can create amazingly difficult effects, the thinking ability is with the person programming them for the show instead of the light fitting. Intelligent lighting is also known as automated lighting, moving lights or moving heads or wiggly mirrors. Learn More

  8. Work Lights

    Back of house lights and work lights

    Back of house or 'work' lights provide general lighting backstage or in front of house, and are often fluorescent fixtures or general flood lights. Learn More

  9. Colour Frame and Gel

    Colour frame and Colour Gel

    Gel support frames are made up of a sheet of creased / folded material, generally constructed from either metal or cardboard, intended to carry colour media called Gel. Gel is a coloured sheet material that slots inside the gel holder. The gel support frames fit immediately outside of the light fitting, generally designed for Par cans, Profile lights, Fresnels, Follow spots, Multi pars and Cyclorama light in which the colour or hue of the lighting is additional than open white coloured. Learn More

  10. Gobos


    Gobos can be utilised in projectors and less complicated light solutions such as profile lights, to produce light scenes in the theatrical use. Basic gobos, integrated into automated light systems, are a favourite at night clubs and various musical show locations to make transferring patterns. Gobos could also be used for architectural design lighting, along with interior style and design, special events in the corporate and business industry (eg. projecting an organisations company logo over a wall structure), or even a dance floor initialed or monogrammed for the bride and groom. They can also be used in theatre, film, and tv to create a simple leafy background break up light effect. They are manufactured from either sheet metal or borosilicate glass, based on the design and style. Learn More

  11. Dimmer

    Dimmer racks

    Dimmers are systems utilised to fluctuate the brightness of a light. Dimmers decrease or increase the RMS voltage. Dimmer Racks frequently have 12 x 10amp outlets which pull power from three-phase electrical power. The dimmers are usually extractible modules that vary from 10-20amp, 2.4-kilowatt device, to some 50 amp or possibly a 100 ampere units. Learn More

  12. Lighting Desk

    Lighting Desk

    Lighting Desks are used to manage lighting levels to a dimmer rack or intelligent light fitting. A lighting desk can be best referred to as anything that changes the quality or quantity of the light level or movement. Learn More

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