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18 Frequently Asked Questions About Audio Visual Equipment Hire

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Why is my audio-visual bill so high when I use the in-house company at a hotel or convention center?

It's because the the venue generally takes a margin on the service from the in-house AV company as a kick back as a way of earning extra income. The AV company needs to charge premium prices as the rebate is normally at 25% and some times as high as 50%. If you use Wwave for in-house work in a venue with a preferred supplier we don't need to give a rebate to the venue. So try it out if your quote is too high for your Audio Visual and let us quote on the event so you have a comparable quote...
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Can I use any audio-visual company I want to at any venue or facility?

Yes, generally you'll be able to use any audio-visual company you'd like, at any venue. Typically, they would simply need associate insurance certificate in conjunction with a diagram or schedule before your choice of audio visual company works in the venue. Wwave Audio Visual has worked in innumerable venues around Australia and can make the best arrangements in every venue...
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What happens if I have trouble with my AV equipment when it is on hire?

We can be contacted nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. For more urgent needs you can call or less urgent use the live chat. We can try to talk you through the issue to resolve it or potentially have the gear replaced. We are technically only open during work hours yet the phones are diverted to mobile outside office hours allowing for 24 hour help. The copy of terms and conditions you should have covers this...
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Do you sell second have equipment such as lighting or AV?

We like to upgrade and update our stock so we do sell used equipment from time to time. Sometimes we do sell new equipment so it is the luck of the draw. If we are upgrading we will advertise it on our AV and Lighting sales page...

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Can I pick up my equipment up from Wwave?

Yes you can. We do both deliveries and customer pick ups as we do like to show and demonstrate how everything works so that a customer's hire is trouble free...
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For weekend use of hire equipment when can i pick it up?

Our office is open Monday to Friday. If you require gear for the weekend we like people picking it up on Friday and returning it on Monday. We do reserve the right to have the equipment back in the case that you have finished your event and we need it for some reason over the weekend...
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How much is delivery?

We calculate it in the quote we give you. This depends on what the equipment is, location and labour required for delivery. So this is something we like to quote after we have worked out what equipment you need. ...

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Do you sell AV gear as well?

Yes we do. All of the equipment we own we may sell. You can look at the sales link above to see if we have it online. We don't always have everything online so you can always contact to find out...
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Can I get someone out to have a look at what I need?

Wwave spends the time to make the customer happy. This is especially the case for the larger jobs and for permanent installations. Also might be the case if the event is at a venue we have not worked in before even if there aren't many of them left...
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What happens if I break or lose the equipment?

The gear is your reasonability once delivered by Wwave or picked up from Wwave. This is covered in our terms and conditions the link is on the bottom of this page ...

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Do you offer insurance on Audio Visual equipment?

Wwave Audio Visual equipment does have insurance on it but only for when it is being transported by Wwave or is in our Warehouse it is not covered once it is out of our controll...
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Can I come in and see the equipment at Wwave?

Yes we like people coming in to our office and running through the technical AV equipment and looking at different lighting options we offer....
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Can I hire equipment but operate it myself or use my own technicians?

If you, or your employees/colleagues, feel confident in operating whichever pieces of audio-visual equipment are necessary for the successful implementation of your event, we are happy for this. If you or your team require any assistance during the show itself, our helpful members of staff will be more than happy to assist you....

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Does Wwave charge for installation and delivery?

Yes we do we like to work within budgets of people that require AV equipment but we don't do delivery and Labour installations for free....

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How can I book the equipment in?

If you have a quote number or you received a email quote from up simply email us back or call with the quote number and we will book it in for you and do the appropriate paper work....
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Do you have technicians that can setup and operate the audio-visual equipment?

Yes of course! Wwave does not only dry hire Audio Visual equipment. All our AV equipment is delivered and operated by our own team of engineers and technicians as a package which will also include transport for our manpower....

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We don't have any power on site can we get a generator?

Yes we can Wwave is not just a AV hire company we have Electricians as well. We are one of the few that are Electrical Contractors. We have Insurance to operate and install electrical installations. Wire in to switchboard for permanent or Temporary power as required....
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Can you legally hang and rig lighting in venues?

Yes we have and are insured to do rigging above people heads. We have Advanced riggers tickets that allow Wwave to do this legally. ...


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