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Audio Hire, Rental and Sales:

We are the audio hire specialists. At Wwave we have a list of audio products that will help you at your next event, party or product launch. We've been in the audio business for over 25 years and we continue to provide quality audio solutions for school productions, corporate launches and major community events. In addition to the audio hire, we provide many other audio-visual services. Wwave has Audio Systems and packages to suit all your requirements. Whether its a corporate presentation for 50 or 5000 or a pumping disco or band, Wwaves range of packages accessories ensures your message will be heard loudly and clearly with quality audio equipment.

Widely used Audio equipment:

  1. Radio Mic or Wireless Microphone

    Radio Mic or Wireless Microphone

    A radio microphone or cord-less mic is a microphone with no physical cable hooking up it straight to the equipment. Also called an Wireless microphone, it features a small, battery-powered radio transmitter within the microphone body, which sends the audio signal in the microphone by radio waves to a nearby receiver unit, which sends a signal to the receiver linked to a PA System with a cable. Wireless microphones allow public speakers, entertainers, and artists to move around without any wire attached.Learn More

  2. Head set Microphone

    Head set Microphone

    A Head set Mic generally works the same as the wireless mic and it has a little body pack that transmits the to the receiver that has the cable in it which runs to the amp it is great to use for product demonstrations or singing on a stage if you need to dance.Learn More

  3. Lectern Microphone

    Lectern Microphone

    A fully adjustable 18" cardio-id goose-neck microphone designed for podium lecterns and desktop use in speech, presentations, conferences and more when using these as a desk top mic you require a base for it to plug in to or a small mic stand.Learn More

  4. Battery Operated PA System

    Battery Operated PA System

    Small speaker and microphone package for approx 80 people, easy to move around with a handle to pull with wheels, battery back up so can be used if there is power or no power, the unit has a CD player and Tape deck built in, you can use either radio, lapel, hand held or headset microphones. Great for small presentations, Weddings in a garden with no power.Learn More

  5. Corporate and Event Audio Systems

    Corporate and Event Audio Systems

    Corporate PA and event audio systems for PowerPoint presentations, company meetings, corporate events, weddings or a party. or range of powered speakers and passive speakers we will find the correct size for you. Your equipment should reflect the style of your event we have a range that will cover from 20 people through to 5000. give one of our consultants a call to run through your audio options.Learn More

  6. Band and stage PA Systems

    Band and stage PA Systems

    RCF, Nexo PS8 and NexoPS 15 and HK Audio speakers are high quality equipment for musicians and bands, the equipment should reflect the style of music you are playing, we have this covered. Country bands tend to require less low-frequency response than say, a rock band. Hip-hop and disco needs low end response gear. An acoustic string band, can get away without a sub-woofer talk to one of our consultants for your custom audio system.Learn More

  7. Audio Mixers

    Audio Mixers

    The size and type of audio mixer rely on what you're utilizing it for, channel controls modify the equalization in the signal by individually attenuating or improving a variety of wavelength frequencies ,of bass, mid range, and treble. Many mixing consoles use a parametric equalizer on each control. Some mixers contain a general equalization control (either graphic or parametric EQ) in the output which goes to the speaker amplifier.Learn More

  8. Sub Woofer

    Sub Woofer

    Sub Woofer generates a big difference within the bass response, drums and bass tracks sound much bigger, a sub-woofer is part of the main speaker system. The inclusion of a sub-woofer will enhance any existing sound system. The sub woofer improves the overall performance by delivering bottom end frequencies allowing the great mid and highs ranges to do their job, this is achieved by taking out the low end frequencies with a cross over.Learn More

  9. Lecterns


    A lectern is really a reading desk, with a slanted top, usually placed on a stand or affixed to some other form of support, on which documents or books are placed as support for reading aloud, as in a scripture reading, lecture, or sermon. To facilitate eye-contact and improve posture when facing an audience. We have a great range in glass and timber that the mic and lights built in.Learn More

  10. Podium or Stage

    Podium or Stage

    A podium or stage is a stand that is utilized to raise something a higher than its surroundings. Podium or stage is utilized to raise people, as an example the conductor of an orchestra stands on a podium as do public speakers. Podium has also come to imply the object a speaker stands behind (as listed above under lectern) even when it is at floor level, even though the appropriate term for that item is lectern. someone or something usually stands on a podium, but someone normally stands behind a lectern.Learn More

Event Manage Sandringham Yacht Club Events
Wonderful feedback we got for our client it was well deserved – the room looked amazing! On my end it was a pleasure, I have seen your work previously with the fairy lights and I knew you would do a great job. The festoon lighting was my favourite addition to the room.

Event Manage Sandringham Yacht Club Events

Leukaemia Foundation

Thank you for your support for another successful Light The night event! We really appreciate your Audio Visual Lighting and Power of the Light The Night events. It’s been a pleasure building our relationship over the last 4 years and I hope it will continue for many years to come!

Leukaemia Foundation

Zenith Interiors

Thank you to the WWave team for making my product launch so successful, not only did our clients have a great time they stayed til later then expected due to the party vibe the your team created.

You have never let me down with any of my events and I look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Zenith Interiors Marketing Manager

Zenith Interiors

Brett and Emma

Brett and I want to pass on our MASSIVE thank you to you and the team for saturday - you absolutely nailed it!!! The room looked AMAZING, it was exactly what we had imagined and wanted plus more. So classy and elegant. Such a great job!!!!! So rapt with the end result. Well done!!!! Now we are heading to the airport for our trip around the world. Have fun at work! ;) Thanks again, Emma

Brett and Emma

Personal Assistant Chairman's Office Victoria Rac
Wow Tommy – thank you – it looks amazing – even the gold columns as I said, he is a “Legend” – how can I possibly doubt his vision!!

Personal Assistant Chairman's Office Victoria Rac

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