Disco Lighitng Hire, Rental and Sales:

Wwave has a variety of different lighting effects, from UV black lights to moving intelligent lighting. Whether its a small home party or a large wedding function we can cater for all your lighting hire needs. Wwave has a range of packages to choose from to make it easy for you creating the party atmosphere you are after.

Widely used Disco Lighting:

  1. Laser Light


    Create awesome animated pictures, logos, and designs that can be projected onto a wall or floor. Laser lights have loads to offer, not only the image they create but the effect they have as they pass through the air. Add a thin layer of fog through the air and each beam becomes distinct
  2. Intelligent Moving Light

    Inteligent Moving Lights

    Intelligent moving lights take your lighting to a whole new level. With a variety of patterns and shapes, moving lights bounce all around the room capturing everyone's attention as they sweep past
  3. Effects Lighting

    Effect Lights

    Effects lights come in many shapes and sizes and each offer an individual effect. Effects such as Water Wave look amazing projected onto a wall
  4. Mirror Ball Hire

    Mirror Balls

    Step back to the retro 70's with any mirror ball. Mirror balls add a great effect to any dance floor. Aim a light straight onto the 100's of tiny mirrors and watch it reflect around the room.

  5. Pin Spot Lighting

    Pin Spots

    Pin spots are the perfect way to get that disco effect from a mirror ball, not only that but they are great for highlighting a small area.

  6. Strobe Lighting


    Add a strobe to your next party and get it flashing in time with the music or use it for an intense buildup in your music. Strobes have a varible speed and brightness so you can achieve the impact you are after

  7. Par Can Lighting

    Par Cans

    Par cans are commonly used in theater but are also great on stage and at a party. Par cans offer a good wash of light and with the use of a coloured gel you can change an area from white to any colour of your choice. Par cans also make a great uplight on walls adding a subtle colour

  8. Led Lighting

    LED Technology

    LED's have changed the world of lighting. LED's offer an endless choice of colour and brightness. If you are trying to uplight a wall or light a dance floor LED's are a great way to go. LED bars and lights offer many flashing patterens that capture the attention of the whole crowd

  9. Disco Lighting Sales

    Disco Lighting Sales

    Disco Lighitng sales, we have available a range of lighting effects have a browse through our online sale page or call our staff for availability.