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Whether you are launching a new product, or to improve effectiveness, speed sales force readiness, increase customer satisfaction, educate a distributed workforce or ensure compliance with financial and legal regulation, Wwave's audio visual systems can help you accelerate organisational performance and business profits with a fantastic show that the public, staff, clients will always walk away and remember.

Whether you have a international launch or a small presentation for two, at Wwave we supply the right equipment, staff and solution to fit your requirement. We boast that we are only as god as our last job. If it is nessary we will put our money where our month is.

Advertising and branding are important, today's questions are getting It right? How to launch a sales campaign and restructure at the same time? How do we come in on budget and target the bottom line? At Wwave we are more than comfortable to help you get it right! Help with the AV and production for the launch! and we do it within your budget! Just ring and ask us how we look forward to the challenge.

Corporate Presentation Product Launch

  1. Plasma Screens

    Plasma Screens

    Plasmas can be installed on a wall with our specially made commercial wall brackets. Shown here are the Desk stand and the 2 Metre high plasma stand. Plasmas can be installed on truss uprights could be hung way above people’s heads. With the two metre high plasma stands the lap top rest as shown in the photo is optional extra that must be requested. 
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  2. Lasers


    Create awesome animated pictures, logos, and designs that can be projected on a wall, floor, or ceiling. Laser lights have loads to offer, not only the image they create but the effect they have as they pass through the air. Add a thin layer of fog to the air and each beam becomes distinct.  
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  3. Intelligent Moving Lights

    Intelligent Moving Lights

    Intelligent moving lights take your lighting to a whole new level with a variety of patters and shapes moving lights that  bounce all around the room capturing everyone's attention as they sweep past. Wwave can customise these lights to display your logo as they make their way around the room or across a wall.
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