Event Power:

Wwave does not only specialise in Audio Visual hire, but we are also a Licensed Electrical contractor, with a team of qualified electricians. We can design and distribute power systems unique to your events requirements. Wwave have all the necessary equipment to power any event such as exhibitions, catering, festivals and weddings.

Widely used Event Power equipment:

  1. 32 amp 3 phase cable

    32 Amp 3 Phase Lead

    A 32 Amp 3 phase cable is used for getting power around a site. These cables allow for high power draw and offer 3 independent power circuits. These cables are often used to run a sub board or switch board where 10 amp power can then be distributed.  Learn More

  2. 3 Phase 32 Amp Switch Board

    3 Phase 32 Amp Switch Board

    3 phase 32 amp switch boards make power distribution easy. These boards offer 3 independent power circuits with 4 x 10 amp outlets on each. Each bank also has an RCD to offer added safety to all who are connected through the sub board.  Learn More

  3.  10 Amp Piggy Back Extension Cables

     10 Amp Piggy Back Extension Cables

    10 amp piggy back extension cables are by far the most used piece of equipment when it comes to power distribution. Unlike most conventional extension cables piggy backs offer the ability to link multiple low power draw items together without the added hassle of a power board which often trips earlier than necessary. These cables are available in a range of lengths from 1-20m.  Learn More

  4. 15 Amp Extension Cables

    15 Amp Extension Cables

    15 amp extension cables are used to run items with a slightly higher power draw then usual such as small toilet blocks, coffee machines, and some catering equipment. 15 amp cables have a larger than normal earth pin so that you can tell the difference between them and a 10 amp cable.  Learn More

  5. 15 Amp Catering Socket

    15 Amp Catering Socket

    We are also able to install a power socket for use in temporary kitchens. 15 amp sockets are used to run coffee machines and many other pieces of catering equipment. Unlike a 10 amp socket 15 amp sockets have a larger than normal earth pin preventing a 15amp item from being connected to a 10 amp socket.  Learn More

  6. 10 Amp Exhbition Wall Socket

    10 Amp Exhibition Wall Socket

    Just like in the average home 10 amp sockets can be installed in exhibition panels for a range of uses such as powering laptops, TVs, and demo equipment. These sockets are installed by a licensed electrician to ensure safety of all who use them.   Learn More