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See a collection of some of our events that we've set up in the past. Planning an event can be tough and when under the pressure of planning your event it helps to get ideas along the way, so we've collated some of our work to give you an event and wedding inspiration gallery.

Festoon Droppers with Gold Frame Lanterns Marquee truss rigging to hang this beautiful centrepiece boat with florals above the stage Chiffon draping, lighting and coir carpet tiles makes and dazzling look and brings the ceiling lower Blue lighting in a draping blacked out marquee with carpet tile flooring Fast fold screens and draping can help bring the total room dimensions down which brings people in closer Rigging to hang the eye-catching hanging boat above the piano A full ceiling wedding fairy light setup, dazzling Fancy round festoon globe can really compliment suspended greenery 3D plans can really help bringing together the vision of an event General up-lighting Lights, camera, action. Cad plans can bring together ideas to be viewed in 3D Red chinese lanterns on full display with festoon droppers Chiffon draping differs from standard draping as it is see through and create a nice effect with some lighting shining through it Full band setup with staging, ceiling draping, wrapped truss and lighting and audio setup Cloud pendants and blue lighting to create a stylised 'sky' theme Festoon droppers and gobo lighting We hid the control area for the vision and audio behind the draping for this dinner party with the help of camera feeds Exhibition lighting The complimenting use of fairy lights and chiffon draping in this radial setup spanning outwards, drawing the eyes towards the chandelier A staggered and very full fairy light setup with slight drops of fairy lighting Festoon droppers, provides the look and light in all the right places Like a cocktail umbrella, only bigger, hanging and lit up with festoons HK Audio, a trusted brand by many and by us for quality sound Festoons have so many variations, that's what makes them so fun. Pendants, lanterns, droppers, different globes to name a few Audio, lighting and power are important, if not the most crucial things to a successful event and there's no room for error Sometimes glossed over but a lit up background can go a long way in building an events presence In need of a rehearsal for an upcoming event? Our in house studios can help you Audio and lighting at a festival, to never miss a beat Outdoor lighting, even if its not an area people will be going it can create a great effect in a background One key aspect at events is proximity, if you want people laughing and dancing bring them in closer to each other. LED up lighting can add colour and warmth to an otherwise plain area The timeless effect of a mirror ball, simple but a well loved effect The 30 inch mirror ball hanging above the D-floor Choose colours that are complimentary to a venue. Here it was produced using LED battery lights going with the fairy lights Dance the night away through the clarity of professionally installed HK Audio speakers Chauvet battery LED lights paired with fairy lighting for this dinner party setup A truss lighting stand, can be left bare like so or dressed in black/white with a truss sock

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