Event Manage Sandringham Yacht Club Events


"Wonderful feedback we got for our client it was well deserved – the room looked amazing! On my end it was a pleasure, I have seen your work previously with the fairy lights and I knew you would do a great job. The festoon lighting was my favourite addition to the room."

Leukaemia Foundation


"Thank you for your support for another successful Light The night event! We really appreciate your Audio Visual Lighting and Power of the Light The Night events. It’s been a pleasure building our relationship over the last 4 years and I hope it will continue for many years to come!"


Zenith Interiors


"Thank you to the WWave team for making my product launch so successful, not only did our clients have a great time they stayed til later then expected due to the party vibe the your team created.

You have never let me down with any of my events and I look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Zenith Interiors Marketing Manager"


Brett and Emma


"Brett and I want to pass on our MASSIVE thank you to you and the team for saturday - you absolutely nailed it!!! The room looked AMAZING, it was exactly what we had imagined and wanted plus more. So classy and elegant. Such a great job!!!!! So rapt with the end result. Well done!!!! Now we are heading to the airport for our trip around the world. Have fun at work! ;) Thanks again, Emma"


Personal Assistant Chairman's Office Victoria Rac


"Wow Tommy – thank you – it looks amazing – even the gold columns as I said, he is a “Legend” – how can I possibly doubt his vision!!"