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Visual Hire, Rental and Sales:

Over the last 10 years visual equipment has revolutionized the way we do business. Visual aids such as projectors and plasma screens deliver multimedia presentations to audiences in large and vivid images. Our Audio Visual & Multimedia Sales Team are AV specialists, with in-depth knowledge in all aspects of multimedia presentation equipment. From LCD projectors, video conferencing equipment, to plasma screens, video projectors, data projectors, and electronic whiteboards you can be sure that Wwave has the presentation solution for you.

Widely used Audio equipment:

  1. Plasma Screens

    Plasma Screens

    Plasma screens can be installed on a stand or on a wall with our specially made commercial wall brackets. Shown here are the desk stand and the two metre high plasma stand. Plasmas can also be installed on truss uprights to be hung way above people’s heads. With the two metre high plasma stands the laptop rest (as pictured) is an optional extra that must be requested. Learn More

  2. Whiteboards


    Whiteboards are perfect for any business presentation or meeting. We not only have your traditional magnetic whiteboards but also have a range of electronic whiteboards which make note taking and brainstorming even easier. Learn More

  3. Flip Charts

    Flip Charts

    You have probably seen these before on shows like "Spicks and Specs" for a quick drawing or brainstorming session. Flip charts are great as you can either have your discussion pre written and flip from page to page or brainstorm and write about a topic as you go. Learn More

  4. Data Projectors

    Data Projectors

    Data Projectors give you the ability to show an image or video on a large screen to avoid having everyone crowded around your laptop or TV screen. As we all know, an image is worth a thousand words, so as a presenter, MC, or in a meeting, having a screen everyone can see makes the job much easier. Learn More

  5. Fast Fold Screens

    Fast Fold Screens

    If you are after that "WOW" factor when it comes to your visual presentation then a fast fold screen is the way to go. Fast Fold Screens give you the option to rear project or front project. Fast fold screens are available with drapes to give you that crisp clean look. Just as the name says they are fast to setup and pack down. Learn More

  6. visualiser


    Gone are the days of the over head projector and the clear slides you had to use. Visualisers give you the ability to put any piece of paper or any object up on the big screen instantly. Connect a projector to the VGA output and you can see anything from writing on page to a more solid device or object instantly.  Learn More

  7. Vision Mixer

    Vision Mixers

    Vision mixers are used when you have multiple image sources and you need a nice smooth transition between each. Vision mixers give you the ability to decide how the new image appears and how fast the transition is. A vision mixer can make an amature into a pro very quickly. Learn More

  8. Vision Switcher/ Scalier

    Vision Switcher/ Scalier

    A switch scalier is very similar to a mixer. With a switcher scalier the user has the ability to change between multiple image sources by a simple click of a button, but without the transition control of a mixer. Switcher scaliers are great for making all your inputs the same size and resolution. Learn More

  9. Wierless Presenter

    Wierless Presenters

    There is nothing worse for a presenter then having to call out to someone each time you need the slide changed on your PowerPoint presentation. A wireless presenter eliminates this hassle. A wireless presenter also has an in built laser so you can show your audience just what you are talking about on your slide. Learn More

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