650W Profile Includes Shutters - Hire

650W Profile Spotlight.
A profile spot comes with a variable zoom lens tube made up of the zoom lens or lens train. Adjusting the tube by pushing it further in or pulling it further out from the unit enables adjustments of the focus (soft edges or sharp edges) of the beam of light projected from it.

Pan and Tilt Adjustment
To pan the luminaire, loosen the wingnut and adjust, then retighten. To tilt, loosen the locking
clamp handle on the side of the luminaire, tilt and retighten finger tight.
The tilt lock friction is set by the nylock nut that secures the yoke on the opposite side to the tilt
handle. The tilt friction can be adjusted by loosening or tightening up the nylock nut.

Focusing your Zoomspot
The variable beam of your Zoomspot is altered by adjusting the front and rear lens in relation to
each other. The front lens defines the beam spread; the rear, the focus degree or softness or
sharpness of the beam edge or shutters. Finger tight pressure is only necessary to lock the
lens off in their chosen positions. Note: for a sharp edge on the wide zoomspot, set the front lens about 70mm from the front of the slot and then adjust the rear lens until you have a hard edge.

Peak/Flat Light Distribution
The lamp position can be altered to peak or flatten the light output of Zoomspots. The peak
beam gives a central hot spot falling off evenly to the beam edges. This setting is useful for
normal stage lighting purposes where beams are overlapped to achieve an even cover.
Flat adjustment provides a visually even light beam suitable for gobo projection. Take care
to move the lamp carefully as the lamp filament is burning hot and at its most vulnerable. Point luminaire at blank white wall 4-8 metres (12 – 15 feet) away and focus light to
narrow angle – front lens forward rear lens back. To obtain sharp focus adjusts rear
lens only. Adjust lamp peak/flat knob until you reach the desired distribution.
If the ‘peak’ is not in the centre of the beam then slowly turn one of the three Lamp Tilt
Gears to move the ‘peak’ into the centre of the beam.

Rotatable Pattern Holder
The rotatable pattern holder comprises the holder and a spring clip to hold the pattern flat against the holder. The holder can be
rotated in the slot to align the image as required on the stage.
NOTE: The Acclaim range uses ‘M’ size patterns, with an image diameter of 50mm
The accessory mounting slot will also house an adjustable Iris or a motorised Gobo holder (Rosco/ DHA RTR008).
To mount the accessory in the aperture slot ensure the pattern spring clip is facing to the front of the luminaire and slide into the slots formed as part of the shutter plates.

Shutter System
The shutters are used to mask a portion of the beam shaping it, masking light off scenery, curtains, etc.

Your Acclaim profile
features non-removable shutters whilst still providing a very wide range of masking angles.
Remember the optical system inverts all images at the gate, i.e. the top shutter on the luminaire masks the bottom part of the light

More Information
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220 – 240V 115V
GKV 600W, 400hrs av. life - theatre lamp. 
GLB 600W, 1500 hrs av. life – display lamp 

Gobo Size (Requires Gobo Holder)

The Acclaim range uses ‘M’ size patterns, with an image diameter of 50mm


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