Chamsys SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway

Introducing the Chamsys SnakeSys-10Scene Gateway. This is an interface that allows you to connect between 10Scene wall plates with the MagicQ/QuickQ systems.


Introducing the Chamsys SnakeSys-10Scene Gateway. This is an interface that allows you to connect between 10Scene wall plates with the MagicQ/QuickQ systems.

Chamsys SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway

Introducing the Chamsys SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway. This is an interface that allows you to connect between 10Scene wall plates with the MagicQ/QuickQ systems.

Because the SnakeSys 10Scene ports allow for up to 20x 10Scene Wallplates to be connected; It makes the SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway a perfect solution for adding user-friendly and simple remote control to installations.

The SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway interface can be powered via an external power supply or including via PoE.

MagicQ Software

The MagicQ software is designed for managing contemporary lighting fixtures. Due to the clever labour-saving techniques, it helps you as the programmer to design a successful show.

You can control full lighting visualizations and pixel mapping with up to 256 universal lighting control features. Furthermore, HD media playback is also possible with up to 8 different layers integrating smoothly to a streamlined workflow. This feature shortens the learning curve on even the most complex of light shows thus, saving you valuable time.

The MagicQ is free of charge and works on PCs running Windows, macOS, and even Linux with 64 output universes fully enabled.

MagicQ features include;

  • MagicVis Visualiser
  • Magic HD Pixel-Mapper
  • Morphing
  • Cloning
  • Patch Offsetting
  • Group and Palette FX

QuickQ Software – Compatible with the SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway

The QuickQ Software is a quick and easy user interface and a comprehensive feature-set that makes programming easy for students, volunteers, or part-time operators. For example, on smaller-scale shows, even professionals tend to use QuickQ to save valuable time. Due to the smartphone-like interface features, it’s easy to quickly build a small show with intuitive functions.

The QuickQ software allows you to replicate your exact rig using the application screen. A very functional feature that allows you to comprehend the staging layout by assisting you to visualize layouts with any fixtures. You can then control all fixtures using simple actions. It also runs across a range of QuickQ consoles and is also available as a QuickQ Designer. And finally, it is compatible with Windows and Mac for full programming functions for lighting shows.

Skill up with ChamSys

Chamsys also provides an online Training Academy where you can learn more about the SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway. Consequently, this essential training allows you to learn all about ChamSys products from In-Person Training to Video Tutorials. In order to take full advantage of the SnakeSys 10Scene Gateway, you can visit the Chansys Academy Training Program.


  • Two 10Scene ports
  • Connection for up to 20 wall plates
  • One Network port
  • Powered via external power supply or via PoE
  • Compatible with both MagicQ & QuickQ systems
  • Hardware Specifications:
  • 10Scene Ports: 2
  • Max no of 10Scene Wall Plates Supported: 20
  • Contact Trigger Inputs: 2
  • Network Port: 1
  • Unlocks MagicQ PC from ‘Demo Mode’: No
  • PoE Voltage Supported: 37-57v
  • PoE Supported Types: 802.3af Type1, 802.3at Type 2, 802.3bt Type 3 and 4

More Information
Additional Information

Width: 133mm (5.3 inches)

Depth: 88mm (3.4 inches)

Height: 45mm (1.7 inches)

Weight: 0.175kg (0.3 lb)


Included Accessories: 12V power supply: 1

Audio Options Wireless
Event Size Up to 20

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