LD Systems IMA 60 – Installation Mixing Amplifier 65W 4 Ohms / 100 V / 70 V

The LD Systems IMA 60 is an installation mixer preamplifier. It offers versatile installation options with 65W at 4 Ohms / 100 V / 70 V.


The LD Systems IMA 60 is an installation mixer preamplifier. It offers versatile installation options with 65W at 4 Ohms / 100 V / 70 V.

LD Systems IMA 60 – Installation Mixing Amplifier 65W @ 4 Ohms / 100 V / 70 V

The LD Systems IMA 60 is an installation mixer preamplifier. It offers versatile installation options with 65W at 4 Ohms / 100 V / 70 V.

Visually discrete design

IMA 60 permanent installations require solutions that offer a visually discrete design that blends into the background. While still being flexible and versatile in their functions. You need to be able to connect different audio sources and manage them; to mute non-priority signals during announcements or emergency calls.

Seamless integration

The seamless integration of the IMA 60 is a sure thing in both industrial and commercial applications. This is thanks to the compact 9.5-inch housing design, an array of connection possibilities. Furthermore with the included Bluetooth for wireless connection of Audio and a multistage priority circuit. IMA 60 features four priority levels to manage all connected audio signals during emergencies or priority announcements. You can use the automatic standby mode to reduce power consumption during the absence of an audio signal.

IMA 60 Audio Sources and Connectivity

The IMA 60 mixing amplifier features two priority contact closures: one for emergency input to mute both Mic/Line and music sources, and one for Mic/Line Channels to mute music sources only.

The outputs provide 65 W of power at 4 Ohm, a two-band equalizer for bass and trebles as well as 70 V/100 V tap settings. The Hi-Z and Lo-Z selector switch lets you separate the output signal completely from the output transformer to ensure an optimal frequency response for low impedance applications.

The built-in aux output can be used to add external power amplifiers, active subwoofers or on-hold music systems to the IMA 60. You can also choose to send the entire mix or only the selected music signal source to the aux output using the music-mix selector switch.

  • Line input for an emergency signal with contact closure
  • 2 microphone/line input sockets with microphone/line switch and switchable 24 V phantom power
  • Switchable chime feature in Mic/Line 1 channel
  • 2 line inputs with RCA sockets and Bluetooth 4.0 interface (mono summed)
  • 65W Class-D Amplifier with Lo-Z / Hi-Z selector switch and 4 Ohm / 100V / 70V outputs
  • Balanced AUX line output with Music-Mix switch, for controlling external amplifiers, active subwoofers or music-on-hold systems
  • 4 priority levels for comprehensive integration options
  • Switchable auto standby mode for reduction of energy consumption
  • Intuitive control panel design for operation with capacitive controls for selecting music source and Bluetooth pairing
  • Universal wide-range switching power supply

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Additional Information


Product Type: Installation mixer preamplifier

Emergency input: 1 balanced line input

Mic/ line inputs: 2

Mic-/ Line Input Connectors: 2 unbalanced stereo line inputs, Bluetooth 4.0

Music sources: 2 unbalanced stereo line inputs, Bluetooth 4.0

Line outputs: 1

Reinforced Main Outputs: 1 with output mode selector (Low-Z/High-Z)

Cooling: Convection

Priority levels: 4


Emergency Input

Nominal input sensitivity: -15 dBu (Sine 1 kHz, gain max)

Nominal input clipping: 20 dBu (Sine 1kHz)

Priority Contact closure: +5VDC normally open for dry contact

Connector: 5-pin Terminal Block, pitch 5.08mm


Mic/Line inputs 1-2

Nominal input sensitivity Mic: Mic: -40 dBu (sine 1 kHz, gain max)

Nominal input sensitivity line: Line: -17 dBu (sine 1 kHz, gain max)

Nominal input clipping Mic: Mic: -5 dBu (Sine 1kHz)

Nominal input clipping line: Line +19dBu (Sine 1kHz)

Phantom power: + 24V, 10mA switchable

Connector Mic/Line1: 5-pin Terminal Block, pitch 5.08mm, XLR/6.3 mm jack

Connector Mic/Line 2: 1 dual RCA Mono Summed, 3-pin Terminal Block, pitch 5.08mm, Pitch 5.08mm


Music inputs – CD/AUX

Nominal input sensitivity CD/AUX: – 6.22 dBV (Sine 1 kHz, Gain max)

Connector CD/AUX: 2 x dual RCA Mono Summed


Amplifier Output

Amplifier Outputs: High-Z: 70V or 100V outputs, Low-Z: 4 ohm minimum load

Preamplifier input: 5-pin Terminal Block, pitch 5.08mm

RMS Power ( W ): 65 W (Continuous sine wave 1kHz, 4 ohm load)

Power ( Peak ) (W): 70 W (100 msec sine 1kHz Burst @ 4 ohm load)

Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (LO-Z, -3 dB), 60 Hz – 20 kHz (HI-Z, -3 dB)

Tone controlBass: +/-10 dB (100 Hz)

Tone control Treble: +/-10 dB (10 kHz)

Protection circuits: Audio Limiter, over-current, short circuit, thermal overload


Aux Output

Connector AUX-output: 3-pin Terminal Block, pitch 5.08 mm

Maximum gain: 22 dB


Power Supply

Type: Switching power supply

Operating voltage: 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption (max.): Line: -17 dBu (sine 1 kHz, gain max)

Idle power consumption: 7.5 W (no signal input)

Power Consumption @ Standby: <1 W

Operating temperature ( non-condensing ): 0°C – 40°C; < 85% humidity


General data

Time to Auto-standby: 20 Min.

Dimensions (W x H x D) ( height with rubber feet ): 210 (W)x 95 (H) x 266.76 (D)mm

Optional accessories: Rack mounting hardware

Weight: 2.39 kg


Audio Options Wireless
Event Size Up to 20

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