Mixer 24mic 2stere Channel A & H desk gl 2200 Desk

DUAL FUNCTIONALITY\r\nMode switching front of house and\/or\r\nstage monitor mixing, offering up to 6\r\nmonitor sends on 100mm faders\r\nFRAMES\r\n24, including 2\r\nstereo, with 100mm faders and inserts\r\n2 STEREO CHANNELS\r\n4 band EQ, full routing and mute.\r\nMono mic and stereo line inputs\r\n2 STEREO RETURNS\r\nwith 60mm faders, EQ and aux sends\r\n4 AUDIO GROUPS\r\npanned subgrouping to LR\r\n6 AUXILIARY SENDS\r\n1-4 and 5,6 switchable pre\/post. Can\r\nreverse with fader masters for monitor mode\r\n4 BAND EQ\r\nThere are separate controls for sweep on\r\nthe mid bands allowing pin point\r\nenhancement at key frequencies\r\nFILTER\r\nSwitchable HPF at 100Hz\r\nPHANTOM POWER\r\nswitchable, on each channel\r\nCHANNEL METERS\r\n4 LED metering next to the faders provide\r\ninstant indication of all signals\r\nTALKBACK\r\nto the groups, LR and pairs of auxes\r\nDIRECT OUTPUTS\r\nevery mono channel has a direct output on\r\nTRS for recording and dedicated FX\r\nENGINEER#S TOOLBOX\r\nComprehensive AFL\/PFL monitoring, input,\r\noutput and master metering, headphone\r\nsocket and oscillator\/pink noise generator\r\navailable for setup\r\nLAMP SOCKET\r\nBNC connector located on master section\r\nEXPANSION\r\nSys-Link V1 option allows\r\nconnection to other consoles\r\nfitted with Sys-Link 1\r\nPSU\r\nbuilt-in power supply with combiner socket\r\nCONFIGURATION OPTIONS\r\nindividual aux sends as pre\/post fader and\r\npre EQ. Direct out can be configured prefade,\r\npre-fade aux can be isolated from\r\nchannel mute. Internal solder link options to\r\nconfigure pre-fade auxes, and direct outputs.\r\nElectronic balance option for auxes


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  • Q1: How can i receive a quote?

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    A4: We accept online card payment with MasterCard, VISA and can take Amex over the phone. Direct bank deposits are also accepted along with EFTPOS and cash at our warehouse.

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