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4-foot Blacklight Blue UV Light: Perfect for illuminating spaces up to 3x3 meters, this UV light features a durable protective cage and a lead for easy installation. Enhance the ambiance with vivid ultraviolet effects—ideal for parties, events, and artistic displays. For greater impact, consider multiple units for larger spaces.


Illuminate your space with our 4-foot Blacklight Blue UV Light, designed to create captivating ultraviolet effects. This UV light is perfect for covering areas up to 3x3 meters, making it ideal for parties, events, and artistic displays.


  • Size: 4-foot length for extensive coverage
  • Illumination: Covers up to 3x3 meters
  • Construction: Sturdy design with a protective cage to safeguard the bulb
  • Installation: Comes with a convenient lead for easy hanging and setup
  • Versatility: Perfect for creating vibrant UV effects in various settings

Usage Tips: For enhanced visual impact, especially in larger areas or for more intense UV effects, consider using multiple units. This will ensure a broader and more even distribution of ultraviolet light, creating a more immersive and dynamic atmosphere.

Ideal For:

  • Parties
  • Events
  • Artistic displays
  • Theatrical productions
  • Special effects lighting

Transform your space with our 4-foot Blacklight Blue UV Light, and experience the magic of ultraviolet illumination.


More Information
Hire product id 261
Audio Options Wireless
Event Size Large events
Event Size Up to 20

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